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En bref.KILLSWITCH ENGAGE News/Vidéo « As Sure as the Sun Will Rise »

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE News/Vidéo As Sure as the Sun Will Rise<!-- -->
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE News/Vidéo "As Sure as the Sun Will Rise"

Nouvel album live "Live At The Palladium" via Metal Blade Records


Live At The Palladium Track Listing:


"The Signal Fire"

"Us Against the World"

"The Crownless King"

"I Am Broken Too"

"As Sure as the Sun Will Rise"

"Know Your Enemy"

"Take Control"


"I Can't Be the Only One"

"Bite the Hand that Feeds" 

"Temple From the Within"

"Vide Infra"


"Rusted Embrace"



"Numb Sickened Eyes"

"In the Unblind"

"Just Barely Breathing"

Crédits photo Matthew T.


Jesse Leach - Vocals 

Adam Dutkiewicz - Guitar 

Joel Stroetzel - Guitar

Mike D'Antonio - Bass

Justin Foley - Drums