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En bref.SINNER News/ Lyric Vidéo « The Last Generation » feat. Tom Englund & Oliver Palotai

SINNER News/ Lyric Vidéo The Last Generation feat. Tom Englund & Oliver Palotai<!-- -->
SINNER News/ Lyric Vidéo "The Last Generation" feat. Tom Englund & Oliver Palotai

Nouvel album "Brotherwood" disponible via Atomic Fire Records

Artwork by 123RF GmbH / W. Cliff Knese (Terrafolio)

»Brotherhood« - Track Listing:

01. Bulletproof
02. We Came To Rock
03. Reach Out
04. Brotherhood
05. Refuse To Surrender
06. The Last Generation
07. Gravity
08. The Man They Couldn't Hang
09. The Rocker Rides Away
10. My Scars
11. 40 Days 40 Nights
Bonus Track (physical only!)
12. When You Were Young (THE KILLERS Cover)

The following special guests have expanded SINNER's »Brotherhood« and contributed in different roles to the album:

Dave Ingram
Erik Martensson
Giorgia Colleluori
Lisa Müller
Mark Basile
Neil Witchard
Oliver Palotai
Ralf Scheepers
Ronnie Romero
Sascha Krebs
Stef E.
Tom Englund
Photo Credit: Dominic Pencz


Mat Sinner | vocals, bass
Tom Naumann | guitars
Alex Scholpp | guitars
Markus Kullmann | drums